Alexandru Gheorghias

The one and only is the Radio Grafii Show with Alexandru Gheorghias every Monday at 21:00

“Once there was a way to get back homeward…”

Once upon a time there was a little boy scared by the death of a Beatle. Nowadays that boy is hoping that getting back in time is some kind of a solution for today’s problems. So what to do? Go get some music. From the past. Way back in time. History reloaded. Listen to them all stories. Good or bad. Happy or sad.

Radio Grafii is THE vehicle. Going back to the roots. Like some kind a science-fiction machine. You can download all the good times and put them to work. Let them sing. Cheer. Laugh. Once every week, we go down the memory lane and remember what, where and how it happened. Starting 1956. Until 1996.

How did Buddy Holly marry Peggy Sue. How did The Beatles chop some Norwegian wood. How did the Stones finally get their Satisfaction. And how did the Bee Gees never get to Massachusetts. Did ABBA take it all? Who’s the best? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Madonna or Cyndi Lauper? Michael “King of Pop” Jackson or Prince “The Symbol”? Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston?

Pure rock and roll music. Stirred with teen idols. And continued by the British invasion. Some surf music for the summer. And some psychedelia on top, with flowers in your hair. Disco will get you dancing on a Saturday night. Boogie nights will wear you out. Punk will get you hangin’ on the telephone. New wave is hungry like the wolf. And dance hall days is all there.

Listen to me and my Radio Grafii, once every week. You won’t regret it. It’s pure and simple. Tasty and strong. To be served shaken, not stirred.

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m addicted to good music. Enjoy the ride!